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احمر الشفاه من نورس ستار

احمر الشفاه من نورس ستار

أحمر الشفاه السائل الكريمي هذا يغمر شفتيك بلون شديد التأثير يدوم طوال اليوم. غني بفيتامين E المرطب للحفاظ على الشفاه ناعمة ومريحة لساعات ، تركيبة وزن الريشة تجف بسرعة ،...

About the BRAND

From the imagination and expertise of a highly influential Iraqi artist

NAWRAS SATTAR COSMETICS brings high-performance artistry color cosmetics to women all over the world. Infused with only safe ingredients, our formulas honor your health and wellbeing without sacrificing luxury performance.

With her art, Nawras has created a vibrant global community connected by the spirit of creativity. Through the power of self-expression, we’re on a mission to help you access your inner artist, express the truth of who you are, and embrace your potential to transform.